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Soldier’s Memorial


The former memorial, inaugurated by Boris III, bears the official title “Memorial to those who died in the wars of 1885, 1912-1913, and 1915-1918 of the First and Sixth Sofia Regiments.” Initially, the monument comprised three U-shaped walls adorned with a decorative colonnade. These walls featured mounted plaques inscribed with the names of individuals who perished in the respective wars.

Impressively proportioned, each wall spanned 21 meters in width and rose to a height of 11 meters. Positioned in front of the central wall, a colossal lion sculpture commanded attention. The lion’s formidable stature was accentuated by its right paw placed upon the map representing San Stefano Bulgaria. Notably, this iconic lion sculpture now stands reinstated in its former location, situated prominently in front of the NDK building.

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