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Monument “Oplchenets”


Unveiled on August 24, 2008, the monument is a bronze replica of the soldier depicted in Yaroslav Veshin’s painting “The Samara Flag,” situated atop a pedestal. The base of the monument features four bas-reliefs arranged in the form of the Cross of Valor. Three of these bas-reliefs are inspired by renowned paintings: “The Battle for the Eagle’s Nest,” “The Consecration of the Samara Flag,” and “The Climbing of the Balkans.” The fourth bas-relief on the rear side of the monument intricately depicts a map of the Balkan Peninsula, outlining the routes taken by militia groups during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation. This remarkable piece of art is the collaborative effort of sculptor Nikolay Savov, artist-restorer Emil Chushev, and architect Vladimir Stanimirov.

The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 bore witness to the significant contribution of Bulgarian militiamen who made the ultimate sacrifice in pivotal battles such as Shipka, Sheynovo, Nova Zagora, Stara Zagora, Tarnovo, and numerous other smaller engagements. In the lead-up to the conflict, Bulgaria boasted 12 companies and around 12,000 militiamen, forming the backbone of the Bulgarian land army. These courageous Bulgarians donned their distinct uniforms and rallied under their unique flag—the Samara flag. To this day, the Bulgarian militiaman stands as a symbol of valor and an embodiment of the ideal soldier.

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