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Monument to Dr. G.M. Dimitrov


Dr. Georgi Mihov Dimitrov was a Bulgarian politician associated with the “Pladne” BZNS party. During World War II, Dimitrov actively sought to align Bulgaria with Great Britain. Collaborating with British and Yugoslav special services, he attempted to organize a coup d’état in the winter of 1941 to prevent Bulgaria’s accession to the Tripartite Pact. However, his plans were discovered, leading to him seeking refuge in the Yugoslav legation. With the help of diplomatic channels, he managed to leave the country and was sentenced in absentia.

While in Great Britain, Dimitrov supported the OF (Fatherland Front) program. After the successful coup on September 9, 1944, which ushered in a new government, he returned to Bulgaria and initially supported the new administration’s measures. Seeking to establish the prominence of farmers within the OF, Dimitrov aimed to carve a niche for his party but struggled against the growing influence of the Communist faction. Fearing a political trial and repercussions, he went into hiding with the assistance of the American ambassador, seeking diplomatic protection.

Under international pressure, the OF permitted Dimitrov and his wife to leave Bulgaria. However, he was convicted in absentia for treason, a charge stemming from his actions during the war and subsequent political maneuvering. His attempts to steer the political landscape according to his party’s goals amidst the changing tides of Bulgarian politics ultimately resulted in his exile and legal repercussions.

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