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Monument to Aleko Konstantinov


Aleko Konstantinov, in addition to his significant social and creative activities, expressed a deep love for nature, particularly in Bulgaria. One of his notable contributions was the initiation of the first tourist society in Bulgaria. This laid the foundation for organized tourism, marked by the ascent of Black Peak in Vitosha Mountain on August 27, 1895. At the summit, a monument called the “Lucky One” was erected in his honor.

Further demonstrating their appreciation for Aleko Konstantinov, a monument was erected at the foot of the mountain in the district of Knyazhevo. This effort was a collaborative one, involving the “Za Knyazhevo” Association, the Association for Public Benefit “Youth in Action,” and the “Bratya Miladinovi” People’s Community Center. Funding for the monument was raised through a charity concert in 2012. The monument takes the form of a brass head on a plate and serves as a tribute to Aleko Konstantinov’s enduring legacy.

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