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Quartal Food park

Entertainment & Shopping

The introduction of a Food Park named Quartal in Sofia is an exciting addition to the city’s offerings. Here are some key details about Quartal:

1. Location: Quartal is situated at 69 Cherni Vrah Blvd., near Vitosha Metro Station and Paradise Mall. This strategic location provides easy accessibility for visitors.

2. Concept: Quartal aims to provide visitors with a diverse culinary experience by offering a wide selection of food and drinks. Beyond just being a place to enjoy delicious meals, it will also feature a varied cultural program, including concerts, films, stand-up comedy, and more.

3. Cultural Program: The inclusion of a diverse cultural program suggests that Quartal aims to be a multifaceted destination, catering not only to food enthusiasts but also to those seeking entertainment and cultural experiences.

As the first Food Park in Sofia, Quartal seems poised to become a vibrant hub for the community, offering a blend of culinary delights and cultural entertainment.

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