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Dendarium Challenge Park

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The Rope Garden stands out as the main attraction within the Dendarium Challenge Park, featuring four distinct levels: the “children’s circle,” “middle circle,” “high circle,” and the recently added “flying circle.” For those young at heart and adventurous, a specially designed “pirate net” allows for climbing, traversing three different rope swinging bridges—the “swing bridge,” the “Charlie Chaplin bridge,” and the “monkey tail bridge.” The experience culminates with a thrilling jump from an eight-meter height, transforming into a swift descent on a 20-meter trolley.

But that’s just the starting point. For those willing to test their mettle at 12 meters above the forest floor, a leap from the “second floor” awaits. And for those seeking even more challenges, the recently introduced “level four” combines height and difficulty.

Catering to younger adventurers aged 3 and above, a dedicated children’s rope garden mirrors adult obstacles while maintaining a height that ensures parents are always within arm’s reach.

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