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The Mall of Sofia is a prominent shopping and entertainment destination in the city. Here are some key features of the Mall of Sofia:

1. Number of Outlets: The mall boasts over 130 outlets, making it a comprehensive shopping destination.

2. International and Bulgarian Brands: The outlets include stores of leading international and Bulgarian brands, covering a wide range of categories such as women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion, as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry, and home goods.

3. Diverse Dining Options: The mall offers a variety of dining options, including coffee shops, restaurants, and a fast-food area. Visitors can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines and culinary experiences.

4. Supermarket: The Piccadilly supermarket provides convenience for shoppers to find a range of grocery and household items in one location.

5. Entertainment Facilities: The Mall of Sofia features 12 cinemas operated by Cinema City, providing a diverse selection of films for movie enthusiasts. Additionally, it houses the only IMAX cinema in Sofia, offering an enhanced cinematic experience.

The combination of retail outlets, dining options, supermarket convenience, and entertainment facilities makes the Mall of Sofia a popular and multifaceted destination for both shopping and leisure in the city.

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