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Sofia Ring Mall

Entertainment & Shopping

Sofia Ring Mall is a modern shopping complex in Sofia that aims to provide visitors with a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. Here are some key features and information about Sofia Ring Mall:

1. Connected to IKEA: Sofia Ring Mall is connected to the first and only IKEA store in Bulgaria. This makes it a significant destination, offering a consumer-friendly shopping concept.

2. Location: The shopping complex is situated near the roundabout on the Ring Road, close to the turnoff for the Simeonovo lift. It is easily accessible by car.

3. Integration with Residential Development: Sofia Ring Mall is integrated with the future residential development of the Malinova Dolina area, including the Boyana and Simeonovo districts. This integration aims to create a vibrant community hub.

4. Entertainment and Green Areas: The mall provides opportunities for entertainment and leisure activities outside its glass walls. Visitors can enjoy green areas, invigorating parks, and breathtaking views of Sofia and Vitosha, creating a complete emotional experience.

5. Free Bus Line: Sofia Ring Mall offers a permanent free bus line, making it convenient for visitors to reach the mall. The bus departs from Business Park Metro Station, with a direct route to IKEA and Sofia Ring Mall.

6. Directions by Car: Visitors can reach Sofia Ring Mall by car, following specific directions based on their location. For example, if coming from Mladost 4 in the direction of Pernik, drivers should keep the rightmost lane in the local lane and turn right along the escalator for the lift.

7. Bus Access: In addition to the free bus line, visitors can reach the shopping center by taking buses such as 111, 123, 69, and 70.

Sofia Ring Mall’s emphasis on creating a unique and enjoyable environment, its integration with IKEA, and its connection to the surrounding residential areas make it a prominent destination for shopping, entertainment, and community activities in Sofia.

Work time:
Monday – Sunday
Retail outlets: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m
Cine Grand: 10:00 a.m. – 01:00 a.m
Restaurants: until 01:00

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