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Bulgaria Mall, situated in Sofia and inaugurated on December 1, 2012, provides visitors with a unique shopping experience. Some key features contribute to its appeal:

1. Strategic Location: Positioned at the intersection of Bulgaria Blvd. and T. Kableshkov Blvd., the mall enjoys a prime location.

2. Architectural Design: Crafted by the Israeli firm MYS Architects Studio in collaboration with the Bulgarian partner 17.5 Studio, the mall boasts a stylish exterior. The design facilitates easy navigation with four floors arranged around a large open space, ensuring good visibility.

3. Natural Light: A distinguishing feature is the extensive glass roof, one of the largest in Europe, allowing natural light to flood the mall. The glass filters infrared rays, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

4. Interior Design: The mall’s interior is characterized by flexible shapes and elegant spotlights against an all-white backdrop. Oval shapes inspired by nature are a prominent design element.

5. Size and Leasable Space: Covering an area of 128,000 sq.m., Bulgaria Mall offers 34,000 sq.m. of leasable space. The project also includes the construction of an office tower.

6. Brand Selection: Visitors encounter a curated selection of diverse brands, including the introduction of Debenhams, Liu Jo, and Fornarina to the Bulgarian market. Esprit presents its new California store concept, and Hippoland unveils its most unique store in the country.

7. Entertainment and Dining: The top floor houses the Arena cinema with six theaters, food establishments, a Booktrading bookstore, the Extreme Kids children’s center, and the Pulsar store for electronic games. A spacious south terrace offers a view of Vitosha.

8. Service Concentration: The -2nd floor concentrates daily service providers, including a Carrefour hypermarket, a German bakery (Mr.Bakery), dry cleaning, a flower shop, a hairdressing salon, a travel agency, optics, financial services, and household goods.

9. Parking Facilities: Four underground parking levels with approximately 1,100 spaces cater to the parking needs of visitors.

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