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“Hralupata” (The Hollow)

Art & Culture

“Hralupata” stands as a vibrant nexus of literature and art nestled in the heart of Sofia. Spearheaded by a dedicated team including Valentin Dishev, Georgi Gavrilov, Teodora Toteva, Hristo Mukhtanov, Antonina Georgieva, Rosen Grigorov, Anna Lazarova, and other kindred spirits, this venue is alive with weekly activities. It’s a place where the community congregates for events, guest visits, exhibitions, and poetry readings, essentially weaving a tapestry of artistic expression that feels like home.

At “Hralupata,” the connection between art and its aficionados is deeply personal. Visitors have the unique opportunity to meet and engage with their favorite authors, delve into their creations, and enjoy intimate discussions. Beyond its role as a literary salon, “Hralupata” also embraces the visual arts with space dedicated to exhibitions. For those who cherish the written word, the venue offers a curated selection of beloved books. “Hralupata” is not just a space but a living, breathing community where art is celebrated and shared.

Work time:
10:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Sofia, 22 Stefan Karadzha St

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