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Graffiti “Grandfather Dobri”

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NASIMO’s graffiti masterpiece on residential block 54 in the “Hadji Dimitar” district is a stunning portrayal as part of Sofia’s Urban Creatures urban art festival, named “Souls in Walls” and held in June 2013. This remarkable piece commemorates the venerable Dyado Dobri, who, at 98 years old, became a revered figure in Sofia.

Dyado Dobri was known for his daily 10-kilometer walk from his residence to the heart of Sofia, where he would humbly beg for alms in front of prominent tourist sites like the St. Alexander Nevsky Temple-monument and the church “Sveti Sedmochiselnitsi.” What set him apart was his noble act of donating all the collected funds to churches and orphanages.

The 25-meter wall art not only captures the likeness of Grandpa Dobri but also intricately weaves in 26 virtues that he believed were essential for leading a good life. Among these values were humility, honesty, purity, magnanimity, self-control, and shyness. This mural serves not just as a visual testament to Dyado Dobri’s altruism but also as a tangible reminder of the qualities that embody a noble character, inspiring passersby with his profound wisdom and selflessness.

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