This city, the heart of the medieval Bulgarian state, was called “Tsarevgrad Tarnov”, “Third Rome”, “Second Constantinople” and was considered one of the most powerful and large cities in South-Eastern Europe in the 12th-14th centuries, which maintained a lively trade links with Genoa, Venice, Dubrovnik and many more.

The center of the supreme government of the state was the heavily fortified Tsarevets hill, which could only be reached from the west. The dominant place in the fortress was occupied by the Palace and the Patriarchal complex. The Palace of the Bulgarian Kings was the most impressive and monumental ensemble in the capital, where the rulers and their close associates lived, who carried out the overall policy of the state. With an area of 2,872 square meters, it was protected by powerful fortress walls and towers. In the palace church, the remains of the most venerated Bulgarian saint – Saint Petka Tarnovska – were laid, and some of the Bulgarian rulers who were at the head of the state in the XIV century were buried there.

The patriarchal complex occupies an area of 2413 square meters. From here, from the “Mother of all churches”, the management of spiritual life was carried out. It housed the library, the scriptorium, the residential and service premises, the cells of the monks. Today you can visit the fully restored patriarchal temple “Ascension of the Lord”, whose tower – bell tower is visible from any place in the old capital city. The interior of the temple is decorated with large-scale compositions by Teofan Sokerov, which represent personalities and important moments of our medieval history. The exposition is entirely of a secular nature.

Archaeological excavations testify that the rest of Tsarevets was densely built up, the foundations of over 470 residential buildings, 23 temples and 4 city monasteries were discovered.

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