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Asenova Fortress

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When you hear about Asenovgrad the flattering name “Little Jerusalem”, do not rush to attribute this to local patriotism, because it fully corresponds to the truth of this sacred gateway to the Rhodopes – because of the Christian traditions, the nine active churches, the 42 chapels and the five monasteries in its surroundings. Tourist guides present the municipality, whose center is Asenovgrad, mainly as a convenient starting point for visiting the Western Rhodopes.

Before continuing to the mountain, however, first take a look at the “Petrich” fortress, better known as the Aseno, which the great writer Nikolay Haitov rightly defines as “a majestic fortress, heard in the past, which was equally admired by both defenders and enemies”. The fortress is perched on the hill, more than a hundred meters high, above the river Asenitsa, which at the time made it extremely difficult to capture.

Obviously, there was a fortified point here as early as the time of the Thracians, but its position became strategic mainly in the Middle Ages.

Especially during the time of Tsar Ivan Asen II, who expanded it. Which is why it bears his name, a preserved inscription confirms this.

Тhe best-preserved building is the fortress church “Holy Virgin Petrichka” – one of the most valuable creations of church architecture in our lands.

Not much remains of the fortress itself, but what is visible is impressive enough and gives an idea of its significant role in the past. And the found fragments of ceramics, weapons, coins and knives are valuable evidence of the life that once boiled here. Today, it exudes not militancy, but rather romance, because from the top of the hill there are wonderful panoramas of the Rhodopes and the city.

Work time:
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 09:00-18:00 (Winter opening hours)
09:00-18:00 (spring-autumn season)
09:00-20:00 (Summer opening hours) – Friday-Saturday until 10:00 p.m.

Entrance fees:
Adults – BGN 4
Organized groups of over 10 people – BGN 3 (per person)
Pupils, students and pensioners – BGN 2
Family tickets (up to 5 people) – BGN 3 per person

– Bulgarian – BGN 7
– English – BGN 12
– Specialized talk for groups – BGN 9.00

There is an asphalt road to the fortress, accessible for all types of cars and buses. Above the tourist center there is a parking lot with 15 parking spaces. There is free wireless internet in the entire area of the fortress.
Asenov Fortress is managed by OP “Tourism” Asenovgrad
Phone: +359884446256

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