Lake Pomorie is a natural hypersaline lagoon located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in close proximity to the town of Pomorie.

The wetland offers a rare combination of conditions for life, which allow the development of a very rare complex of salt-loving vegetation and animals adapted to this salinity, some of which can only be seen here. The location of the lake on the west coast of the Black Sea, along which passes the second largest bird migration route in Europe, the Via Pontica, determines the great variety of birds (over 270 species) that can be observed during the different seasons of the year. The rich biological diversity of Lake Pomorie and the preserved natural landscape are the reason why the wetland and adjacent territories are protected according to the Bulgarian (ZM Pomorie Lake) and international environmental protection legislation, it is included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance to the Convention on the Protection of Wetlands (Ramsar convention) and in the ecological network of the EU – Natura 2000.

The Pomorie Lake Visitor Center is located in close proximity to the Salt Museum, on the shores of Pomorie Lake. The purpose of the visitor center, as a tourist site, is to present and popularize the richness and beauty of the biodiversity of Lake Pomorie in order to increase the environmental protection attitudes of broad sections of society. This is done through a talk by a tour guide, an extensive exhibition with photographic panels with text and models, observation of a variety of wild birds with telexope and binoculars, and film screenings. From the terrace of the center there is a spacious view of the lake and the largest nesting colony of rare crested terns on the Balkan Peninsula! You will learn about the interesting history of maintenance and protection and – the result of purposeful actions of the experts and volunteers from Green Balkans who restored a suitable nesting habitat for these rare birds during your visit to the center!

The best evaluation and recognition of our work are the flattering reviews and comments that visitors write in our Book of Impressions and Recommendations!

Work time:
The Pomorie Lake Visitor Center has the following working hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
09:00 – 18:00 Day off – Monday Lunch break from 13:00 – 14:00

Adults: BGN 4.
Students, pensioners: BGN 2.
Family: BGN 8.

phone: 0596 3 20 82;

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