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Natural Phenomenon “Paradise Sprinkler” Waterfall

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“Raisko praskalo” waterfall – 124.5 m

The waterfall is located at the foot of the peak of Stara Planina – Mount Botev, on the territory of the “Central Balkan” National Park.

Paradise sprinkler is located at 1700 m above sea level. in the Jendema biosphere reserve, which is the reserve with the highest altitude in the “Central Balkan” National Park, on the tiny Praskalska creek in the “Raya” area – a picturesque terrace covered with grasses and flowers, on which the pretty cabin “Rai” towers.

The sparkling waters of the Pruskalska River start from the “Eternal Snowfall”, hidden in the southern slope of Mount Botev.

From the beginning it flows like a clear stream that floats over the rocks, passes about 500-600 meters southeast of the summit and suddenly emerges at the edge of a huge vertical granite escarpment, from which it plunges down into the abyss with a roar.

This is the “Paradise Splash” waterfall. The falling water breaks into thousands of silver droplets / hence the name – Sprinkler /, and hits the rock base of the granite wall with all its might, bounces to the sides, shines in different colors and the water again drifts towards the dizzying precipices of South Jendem. Further down, the Praskalska River passes by the arched opening of the “Hanmaara” cave / Dupka, Dom /. Below the cave, it merges with several mountain streams and forms the beginning of the White River, which continues to descend through the formidable Jendema narrows.

To the north are the impenetrable sheer cliffs from which the water falls as if pouring from the sky itself, and to the south are the impenetrable precipices of Southern Jendem. The raw wild beauty of the waterfall, the spectacular sheer cliffs, the divine charm of Rai Hut, the alluring coolness of Hanmaara Cave and the bubbling hell of South Jendem, are a real challenge for the most daring nature lovers.

The waterfall is a suitable destination for hiking, rock climbing, ecotourism and for all those who love the mountains and the fresh mountain air.

Despite the fact that the waterfall and the area are visited by thousands of tourists – winter and summer, they have kept their appearance intact and clean.

“Paradise Splash” waterfall was declared a natural phenomenon in 1965.

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