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Kom Peak (2016 M) – Stara Planina

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They also call him the Great Kom. It is 2016 m high. To the east of it rise the Middle Kom (1985 m) and the Little Kom (1959 m). The western, southern and eastern slopes of the Komovets are vast pastures on which large herds of sheep and cattle graze.

The peak is the fourth highest peak in the Western Stara Planina and is the leader of the Berkovska Planina. The Kom-nova hut is located in the “Gorna Koria” locality and is 1506 m above sea level. There is an asphalt road to the hut (15 km from the town of Berkovitsa). From the hut to the summit is approximately 2.30 hours on a marked path.

The seal is located in “Kom” – nova.

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