The “Ledenika” cave is located in the northwestern end of the Vrachan mountain, 16 km away. from Vratsa. The cave impresses with its large size, and in winter it captivates visitors with its exquisite ice decoration, which is where its name comes from.

spring and winter, the first hall of the cave – the Antechamber – fascinates with its ice crystal decoration. The highest point of the cave is called “Seventh Heaven” and is accessible only to the most ardent tourists. The temperature in the cave varies from -7 to -15 degrees to 8 degrees inside. Air humidity is 92%.

To see Ledenika Cave in all its glory, it is best to visit it in winter or spring. It is located in the northwestern part of the Vrachan mountain and is 16 kilometers from the city. It has been known to the people of this region for a long time, even the shepherds used to keep milk cold in it.

Its entrance is at 830 above sea level, in the lowest part of the Ledenishki Valog. In winter, cold air enters the cave through several sinkholes and cools three of the most interesting halls – the Vestibule, the Small and the Concert Hall. Frost forms on their walls and entire ice waterfalls, magical pendants reminiscent of maces and swords hang from the ceilings, “services of bottles and glasses” appear on the floors, created by the ubiquitous ice, and next to the very entrance, in the Vestibule, stands a huge column of ice Now you understand why this cave couldn’t have been called anything other than the Glacier.

It is about 300 meters long and has ten halls, each more attractive than the other. After the Antechamber one has to stoop low to slip through the passage which bears the symptomatic name of “The Slide,” and thus comes to the Little Hall, which is almost circular. After another narrowing, you enter the “pearl” of the cave – the Concert Hall.

It has really impressive dimensions /60 by 45 meters and is 23 meters high/. Here, with more imagination and help from the tour guide, you can see formations such as the Falcon, the house of Baba Yaga, the Crocodile, the Falcon, Santa Claus, the Giant’s Head – the guardian of the cave and many others. Some of the first underground concerts in our country were held in this hall, but they were short-lived because the high humidity adversely affected the the tools.

Ledenika has been recognized as a natural landmark since 1963 and is the most visited Bulgarian cave.

Opening hours:
From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., last entry at 5:00 p.m. Entry to the cave is carried out with at least two adult visitors.

Entrance fees:
Regular ticket: BGN 15. Reduced: (for pupils, students (regular education and upon presentation of document) and pensioners): BGN 12.

For group visits of more than 10 people:
For adults – BGN 12. For schoolchildren, students (regular education and upon presentation of a document) and pensioners – BGN 10.

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