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First Soldiers Monument

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The village of Aldomirovtsi is located in a semi-mountainous area, 4 km from the town of Slivnitsa and 28 km from Sofia . The First Soldier’s Monument, the work of Eng. Velchev, and the design and construction of Grigor Naydenov also rises here. The first soldier’s monument in Bulgaria, raised from granite above the mass grave of the fallen soldiers and commanders of the 7th Preslav Infantry Regiment in the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885. is located in Aldomirovtsi, “Mramor” locality, between “Preslavski” and “Razgradski” redoubts.

The initiative and its construction are a bright patriotic work of the Shumen officers of the 7th Preslav Infantry Regiment, who through personal donations provided funds for its construction.

The 7th Preslav Infantry Regiment was formed under the name of the 7th Preslav Infantry Regiment by Decree No. 41 of October 12, 1884. As of October 1, 1885, the regiment consisted of 3,826 soldiers and officers. During the Serbo-Bulgarian War ( 1885 ), the regiment was commanded by Captain Vicho Dikov and took part in the battles of Aldomirovtsi, Slivnitsa and Pirot.

The height of the monument is 5.9 m, the base of the pyramid is 1.1 m, and the side of the pedestal is 4.7 m. It is made of granite. On the front side of the pyramid it is written: “November 7, 1885-Slivnitsa”, on the west side of the building it is written: “7th Preslavsky Infantry Regiment”, on the north side: “Lieutenant Alexander Papanchev, Lt. Petar Kochev”. “Eternal memory of you unforgettable comrades”, on the south side “Junior non-commissioned officer Ivan Nedyalkov, junior non-commissioned officer Stefan Minchev” and the names of 24 privates and “Eternal memory of you brave heroes”.

The foundations of the monument were laid on July 7, 1891. previously, in a specially made niche under the pedestal, the mortal remains of Lieutenant Alexander Papanchev and Lieutenant Petar Kochev were placed. The monument was opened on November 7, 1891. in the presence of Prince Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg of Gotsky.

Carefully managed by the residents of the village of Aldomirovtsi, the monument is included in the 100 National Tourist Sites under No. 62a.

The monument can be reached via the “Soldier’s Memory” Ecopath – its length is 1196m. The picturesque trail runs along a pine forest, along which there are ecological rest areas – wooden benches, tables, a gazebo, a bridge, as well as information boards about the route and the natural features of the area.

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