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09 Regional office “Fire safety and protection of the population”

Fire Station

Commissioner Ivaylo Dinev
Chief 09 Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”

Visiting hours:
every wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00
tel. 02/824 2222

Serviced territory:
Metropolitan areas “Lyulin”, “Vrabnitsa” and “Bankya”

The serviced areas have a total area of 11,348 ha, with a population of 180,835.

Lyulin District
“Lyulin” district is located in the western part of the Capital on an area of 2,200 ha with a significant housing stock, the population is 122,590 inhabitants. It is characterized by a developed commercial network, educational and childcare facilities, a metro depot and a metro line with 3 metro stations, a suburban agricultural area and an industrial zone “SPZ Modern Suburb”. Larger production sites are: “Nestle – Sofia” JSC; “Success” EOOD; “Bakery 5”. There are several large commercial establishments located on the territory – Doverie Bricolage Shopping Center, Billa – Lyulin, Kauflavnd Hypermarket, Silmercenter Shopping Center, Labyrinth Shopping Center, Success Warehouse EOOD; Trade and service centers of “Peugeot”, “Moto – Pfoe” OOD, “Bulvaria” OOD; Terminal of “Militzer and Münch – BG” EOOD. In addition to the above objects, the territory of the region includes the NIIPA “N. Pushkarov”, “NIMESS”, 14 nos. educational institutions, 19 nos. childcare facilities and 4 nos. social and health facilities, as well as many other, smaller commercial establishments. Tall residential buildings predominate in the area – 120 units. The suburban parts and agricultural areas of the “Filipovtsi” district also belong to the same.

“Vrabnitsa” district
The “Vrabnitsa” district is located in the north-western urban part of the Capital on an area of 4400 ha and has a population of 47,830 people.

Objects from various industries are located on its territory. Larger production, storage and commercial facilities are: “Lyulin” heating plant; TPK “Interior Architecture”, “Voluyak” Fruit Store, “Euromaster” administrative warehouse, “Dika style”, “Jumbo” store, “Zona” store, “Bila” store, “Metro Sofia 2”, Technomarket “Europa” and etc. There are 9 units on the territory. educational institutions, 7 nos. childcare facilities and 3 pcs. social and health facilities. In the “Vrabnitsa” area, residential buildings predominate, 15 of which are tall.

“Bankya” district
“Bankya” district is located in the western part of the Sofia field on an area of 5,726 ha and a population of 10,415 inhabitants. It is 12 km away from the capital city. A typical suburban resort area where rest stations, sanatorium complexes and residential buildings have been built and are functioning. Characteristic for the area are the forest fund and agricultural activity, as well as the gasification of residential and public buildings.

There are 6 units located on the territory. educational and 3 pcs. childcare facilities, as well as 9 nos. hospital and social institutions and objects of the Ministry of the Interior.

The territory is characterized by the rapid construction and construction of private residential and villa buildings.

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