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06 Regional office “Fire safety and protection of the population”

Fire Station

Commissioner Ilian Iliev

Chief 06 Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”

Visiting hours:

every wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00
tel. 02/982 1795

Serviced territory:
Capital districts “Ovcha Kupel”, “Krasno Selo” and “Vitosha”

Ovcha Kupel area
“Ovcha Kupel” region is located on an area of 42,762 decares and has a population of 55,326 people.

On its territory there is a wide variety of objects from all branches. Manufacturing enterprises account for nearly a third of the activity carried out in the area. Larger are “Fortex Nutraceuticals”; “ATM Electronics” Ltd.; Bulminvex AD; BK “Gorna Banya” AD, “Curtis – Balkan”, “Himax Pharma” EOOD. The remaining production sites are small workshops and workshops such as: confectionary, tinsmith, car repair, carpentry, etc.

Several large warehouses and commodity exchanges are located on the territory. These are: Warehouse with customs of the company “MOST” AD, Warehouse – Sofia BT, Warehouse at f. BK “Gorna Banya” AD, Stock Exchange at f. “Alpina” JSC.

A distinctive feature of the area are the large hospitals and social homes such as SBALO AD; SBTFR; SBALDRODA – “Bul Pro”; NC for drug addicts; Home No. 10 for old people; Home No. 8 for children with mental retardation; NBTUB, as well as the presence of administrative – public buildings – IAOSV; JEL CENTER AD; IHM, Institute of Francophonie, DAB, SSS.

There are 11 units on the territory. educational institutions, of which three are higher – New Bulgarian University and VUZF and the Specialized Institute of Francophonie for Administration and Management – SIFAM, as well as 8 no. childcare facilities.

There are 22 units located in the area. high-rise residential buildings and 2 pcs. tall public buildings – IAOSV and JEL CENTER AD.

The forest fund in the “Ovcha Kupel” area covers part of the “Lyulin” mountain, located in the lands of Gorna Banya quarter, Suhodol quarter and Malo Buchino village.

Krasno Selo District
The “Krasno Selo” area is located in the central part of the capital on an area of about 7,000 decares and has a population of 91,642 people.

On its territory there is a wide variety of objects from all branches. Manufacturing enterprises account for nearly a quarter of the activity carried out in the area. “Tramkar” are bigger; TD, “Krasna Polyana”, “Zemlyane OTC”, “INTRANSMASH”.

There are numerous public buildings and subdivisions of national importance such as MZG, API, Agroproekt, NVMS, NSRZ, DNSK, “PAT – Zemlyané”, “Depot to Metropolitan, Nikroad, Primabusiness Center, Orbiengineering, Social care and support” located on the territory.

In the “Krasno Selo” region, there are also “Pirogov” MBALSM, MI-MI, 4th MBAL, SBALENG, DCC and other medical facilities.

There are 10 units on the territory. educational, as well as 13 nos. childcare facilities.

A unique sports base of OSK “Slavia” is located in the area, including a football stadium with 35,000 seats, a swimming complex adapted into a film pavilion, a boxing hall, a gymnasium and volleyball hall, as well as KSB “Khan Asparuh” with 4 . training arenas, one of which is indoor.

A special place is occupied by 83 pcs. high-rise residential buildings and 5 pcs. tall public buildings – API, NICKROAD, Khan Krum and MBALSM Pirogov.

The territory of the “Krasno Selo” District is characterized by the rapid and concentrated construction of residential buildings.

“Vitosha” district
“Vitosha” district is located on a territory of 122,350 decares and is the largest in terms of territory in the capital. It has 70,000 inhabitants. Characteristic of the area is the uneven distribution of the sites and the remoteness of many of them located in the “Vitosha” Nature Park.

There are 13 units located on the territory. educational and 11 pcs. childcare facilities with 5 branches, 25 private educational and childcare facilities, as well as 4 hospitals and 23 social institutions.

The territory is characterized by rapid construction, mainly of administrative and warehouse bases concentrated in the area of the Ring Road, as well as the construction of private one-family and two-family houses in closed complexes with up to 700 residents and hotels in suburban areas.

Larger sites are: National Cinema Center, KRTC-Kopitoto, NIM Boyana, Boyana Residence, HP administration building, Hyundai, Ikea, Sofia Business Center, Sofia Sound Ring Mall, Goeplanproekt, Glavbulgarstroy, Smart Organic JSC, Drinking Water Treatment Plant – Bistrica, Substation Sofia South, Post Bank, National Training Base of the Bulgarian Football Union, Kopitoto Hotel Complexes, Tsarsko Selo MBAL “St. Sofia” EOOD and others.

Closed residential complexes, the largest of which are “Sofia Park”, “Miramonte”, “Manastira”, “River Park”.

The largest part of the area is occupied by the forest fund of Vitosha Park, as specific rules for ensuring fire safety are published on the Vitosha Nature Park website at https://park-vitosha.org.

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