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02 Regional office “Fire safety and protection of the population”

Fire Station

Commissioner Stoyan Vassilev
Chief 02 Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”

Visiting hours::
every wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00
Phone: 02/982 5231

Serviced territory:
Metropolitan areas “Serdika”, “Nadezhda” and “Novi Iskar”

Serdika region
“Serdika” area is located in the northern part of the capital city. The occupied area is 18,801 decares and there are about 52,918 inhabitants. On its territory there is a wide variety of objects from all branches. Half of the production enterprises from the northern industrial zone of the capital are located on the territory of the region. The largest of them are – TR “Sofia”, “Mraz” AD, “Stind” AD, “Stilmet” AD, “Iskra-Silatronic” AD, “Kotlostroene” AD, “Kramex” AD, “CERB” AD, ZP “T. Petrov”, “Interior M”, “Toploremontstroy” JSC, “Sofstroy – PSSR”, “May-day cream factory”, “Polmo-avto” car service, “Electrotransport” EAD and others. On the territory of the “Serdika” district there are “Sofia Princess Hotel”, Capital SRIUKOS, “United Bulgarian Bank”, nine significant health facilities, 13 educational and 11 children’s facilities, three community centers, numerous warehouses, stock exchanges, small production sites as well as numerous objects in the field of service and trade. In the “Serdika” area there are 25 high-rise buildings, of which 21 are residential and 4 – public. Agricultural lands in the territory of the region are about 6,800 decares, part of which is cultivated by an agricultural cooperative and private farmers. There is no forest fund.

Nadezhda District
Nadezhda region is located on an area of 20,716 decares and has a population of 77,000 people. There are 32 high-rise residential blocks on the territory of the three complexes. In the “Nadezhda” area are located the majority of the fire-hazardous industrial and warehouse facilities controlled by the DPK, P and PD of 02 RSPBZN – “Sopharma” AD, “Aroma” AD, “Bodycolor” OOD, PSB “Lukoil”, ” Himsnab AD, Nonvotex AD, Votan AD, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. – Bulgaria AD, Elprom-ZEM AD, Storage and production base of ET “Lia” and others. In this area are located Stock Bazaar “Iliyanci”, Warehouse base of Central Bank, Warehouses “Eurodepo and Transcommerce”, “Avtotranssnab”, “Pokrit Bazaar Arena”, Market “Lokomotiv Stadium” and a significant number of smaller bazaars and markets for industrial goods . In the area, there are 2 diagnostic-consultative centers, 10 educational and 12 children’s institutions, the Municipal Cultural Institute “Nadezhda”, Home for raising and educating children deprived of parental care “prof. A. Zlatarov”, four community centers, etc. public facilities.

A cooperative was established in the Trebich quarter, which cultivates about 2,000 decares of the approximately 6,700 decares of cultivated agricultural land in the “Nadezhda” region.

On the territory of the region is the “Northern Park” with an area of 1,000 decares.

Novi Iskar District
“Novi Iskar” area is located north of Sofia and has a permanent population of about 26,200 people. Total territory – 220,000 decares, fields – 78,532 decares, natural meadows – 8,769 decares, pastures – 10,040 decares. and forest territories – 74,266 decares.

Main representatives of industry in the area are: “Lakprom” AD, “Kolora” AD and “Elastic” AD in Svetovrachene, “Zebra” AD, “SIZE” AD, “Rovotel Steel” OOD, “Balkankeramik” AD, “Convoy” EOOD , “NADIN” in the town of Novi Iskar, “Interior I” in the village of Negovan, ET “Izola-Petrov” in the village of Chepintsi, “SPSOV” in the village of Kubratovo, “Bioprogramma” EOOD, the village of Dobroslavtsi and other smaller objects built in the former farms of the settlements. Warehouses of “Fiore” AD, “Ekotop” EOOD and others are located in the area.

In the “Novi Iskar” region, there are 7 educational and 8 children’s institutions, one medical center and rural health services in almost all settlements.

Agricultural activity is carried out on the entire territory of the region. Of the hundred thousand acres of agricultural land, about 33,000 acres are cultivated. Of these, about 20,000 decares are planted with cereals. There are organized agricultural associations for cultivating the land.

On the territory of the region are located the Podgumer Monastery “St. Dimitar”, the Kuril Monastery “St. John the Baptist”, the Church “St. Petka”, the Church “St. Nicholas”, the Monastery in the village of Balsha, most of them have the status of national monuments of culture. The famous Kutin pyramids are also located here.

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