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03 Regional office “Fire safety and protection of the population”

Fire Station

Commissioner Nikolay Uzunov
VPD Chief 03 Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”

Visiting hours:
every wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00
Phone: 02/982 3605

Serviced territory:
Metropolitan areas “Vazrazhdane”, “Ilinden” and “Krasna Polyana”

“Vazrazhdane” district
“Vazrazhdane” district is part of the former 3rd district of Sofia. The territory of the region almost entirely belongs to the main urban center of the Capital. Here is the western direction, which according to the town planning plan is mainly in the development of the big city. The area’s terrain is flat, and it includes localities with historical names: “Center”, “Three Wells”, “Konyovitsa”, “Jewish Geran” and “Batalova Vodenitsa”.

The urban fabric of the area is formed both by old neighborhoods, subject to partial or complete reconstruction, and by new residential complexes built 20-30 years ago, which continue to be completed. Here are built the Zones: B – 2, 3, 4, 5, 18 and 19, which are mutually complementary and connected territorial units. Electricity is also included. “Serdika”, which is a production sub-zone.

The area of the territory of the district is about 316 hectares, which represents about 2.5% of that of the capital city. By purpose, the territory of the region is divided into: built-up residential area of about 121 hectares; parks, gardens and green areas about 136 hectares; industrial zone – 15 hectares; public lands – squares, streets, roads and others – 43 hectares.

The western part of the territory of the region is crossed by Vladaiska river, which occupies a central place in the infrastructure of the region. The main boulevards and streets of the big city pass through the territory of the region: the boulevards – Al. Stamboliyski, Hristo Botev, Maria Luiza, Konstantin Velichkov, Slivnitsa and the streets – Pirotska, Opalchenska, Tsar Simeon and others.

The population of the area amounts to about 45,000 people.

There are 17 educational institutions operating in the “Vazrazhdane” District, of which: 1 language high school, 4 secondary general education schools, 5 primary schools, 1 evening high school, 1 student sports school and 5 technical schools, in which more than 8,000 students study. We have 4 combined childcare facilities, 3 all-day kindergartens and 2 crèches. A “Mother and Child” home and a home for the elderly in Zone B – 5 are located here. The district administration takes great care of all of them within the framework of the allocated funds and seeks help from other institutions.

The cultural appearance of the “Vazrazhdane” Region is expressed in the presence of 6 community centers: “Aura”, “Hristo Botev”, “Em. Shekerjiyski”, “Revival”, “Nature and Science”, “Vasil Drumev”. The community center activity developed by these institutions is great. Language schools, painting and dancing schools, various interest clubs, dating clubs, etc. were built to them, and the library fund totals 130 thousand volumes.

The “Children’s Palace” also operates on the territory of the region, which provides opportunities for performance and entertainment for children from the capital city and the country. There are also many cultural and historical monuments, such as the churches “St. Nicholas”, “St. Sunday”, “St. Cyril and Methodius”, the monument of Hr. Botev, to those who died in the Balkan War in the kindergarten “St. Nicholas” and the museums “Hr. Smyrna” and the National Polytechnic Museum.

Some of the major enterprises of the capital are located on the territory of the region. These are “Danon – Serdika” AD, “KET” EAD, etc., which define the production area of the area, located in “Serdika” residential area.

In the central part of the territory of the region there are “Bulbank” AD, DSK Bank, “Bulgaria Invest” AD, “Biochem” AD, the National Insurance Institute and numerous institutions and ministries that determine the appearance of the area as a commercial and administrative sector.

The largest market in Sofia is located here – “Women’s Market” and the renovated “Central Halls”, visited daily by thousands of people from the capital and the whole country.

The “Vazrazhdane” area is very dynamic in its development. It is extremely difficult to operate, as it is a business center and is saturated with hundreds of commercial establishments that are constantly being remodeled. Nevertheless, many of them began to outline the desired image of Sofia.

“Ilinden” area
“Ilinden” area is located in the northwestern part of the city of Sofia, near the center. It occupies an area of 3.31 sq.km. (3,310 acres). Built recreation areas and green areas occupy 700 decares. The territory of the area includes predominantly complex residential development, the park part of “West Park” and “Holy Trinity” park, named after the Orthodox church located there. The residential complexes have constructed and well landscaped inter-block spaces, parking lots, children’s and sports grounds.

The total number of population in the area is 37,190 inhabitants.

The following are located and functioning on the territory of the “Ilinden” region: Home for the elderly; Home for Culture Veterans; Home for temporary accommodation of orphans “Sveta Sofia”.

On “Kukush” street in the residential area “Sugar Factory” is a large industrial and business area.

Cultural sites: Multiplex – “Cinema Arena” center; People’s community center “G. S. Rakovski”; Gotse Delchev National Community Center; Holy Trinity Church. Architectural value in the area is represented by the group cultural monument “Sugar Factory”. The unique Sofia Sugar Factory, the third on the Balkan Peninsula after the Bucharest and Belgrade ones, is among our most valuable architectural and historical monuments.

In the “Ilinden” area, all types of mass urban transport operate. Bus, trolleybus, tram lines, route taxi lines pass through it. There is access to the Sofia Metro through station No. 4 “Vardar”. The only railway station in the region is located here. “Sugar Factory” station.

Healthcare: SBAL on cardiovascular diseases; DKC VI.

Education: 2 primary schools operate on the territory of the region; 2 secondary general education schools; AEG “Thomas Jefferson”; “Henry Ford” Vocational School of Transport and Energy; Professional High School of Audio, Video and Telecommunications “A. S. Popov”; Professional High School of Food Technology “T. Pavlov”. In the “Ilinden” area, there are five full-day childcare facilities.

Krasna Polyana District
Krasna Polyana area is located in the western part of our city. It has an area of 920 ha. About 1/3 of them is a built-up area with the relevant infrastructure. The rest includes the southern part of West Park, arable land and special terrain.

The population of the area is about 66,000 people. The large residential complexes “Ilinden”, “Zapaden Park”, “Razsadnika”, “Krasna Polyana” 1, 2 and 3 parts were built on the site of the old Sofia neighborhoods and undeveloped land. The spaces between the blocks are shaped like small green oases for the residents to walk and rest. There are children’s and sports grounds, commercial establishments, there is no shortage of parking lots. There are no industrial enterprises in the area, and the ecological situation is one of the best in Sofia. The “Rositsa” market is very well functioning, where agricultural goods and household goods are offered. In the area there are 8 kindergartens, two nurseries, 7 schools, one sports school, two technical schools and 4 private schools. There are 5 community centers, three of which are Roma. On the territory of the region, the sports club “Septemvri” and the football club “Septemvri” are developing their activities. In “Krasna Polyana” there are two Orthodox churches “St. Peter and Paul” and “Resurrection of Christ”. 1 AG Hospital “Sveta Sofia” is of city-wide and national significance. The area is served by medical practice “Medica 10” and “DKC 10” together with a dental center.

On the territory of the Krasna Polyana municipality, there are 8 childcare facilities, 9 schools, 2 community centers, 3 hospitals, scientific institutes, industrial enterprises and other institutions and organizations.

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