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07 Regional office “Fire safety and protection of the population”

Fire Station

Commissioner Gancho Danchev

Chief 07 Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”

Visiting hours:

every wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00
Phone: 02/982 5249

Serviced territory:
Metropolitan districts “Mladost”, “Studentski”, “Pancharevo” and “Izgrev”

The serviced areas have a total area of 39,428 ha and a population of over 264,868 inhabitants. The serviced territory is characterized by various objects in terms of their functional purpose: higher education institutions and dormitories, research institutes, sports halls and facilities, objects of the printing and pharmaceutical industry, a highly developed trade network, warehouses and commodity exchanges, institutions for mass collection of people, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, objects in new construction and reconstruction around Tsarigradsko shose Blvd., etc.

“Mladost” district
“Mladost” area is located on a territory of 1,657 ha, which represents 10% of the territory of the city of Sofia. The total registered population is 112,771 people. There are 19 schools and 16 childcare facilities, 121 high-rise residential buildings, 4 institutes of the BAS and 2 institutes of the Ministry of the Interior, Academy of the Ministry of the Interior with 3 units. dormitories, shops: “Metro – 1”, The Mall, “Monsieur Bricolage”, “Fantastico”, shopping center “Mladost”, “Billa”, “Boila”, Sofia Outlet Center, “Kara” stock exchange, “Technomarket” shops, “Technopolis”, “Ruvex”, “Sportmarket”, “Euromarket”; printers: “Demax”, “Education and Science”, “LitoBalkan”; production enterprises: “Link” JSC, “Festo”, “Florina Bulgaria”, ” Coates – Bulgaria”, “Ixpectis”, BIC – IZOT AD, MIC “Bulgarreklama”, NRTC – BNT, SO “MAT”, “Sofiiska Voda” AD; Expo Hotel, MBAL Hospital “Sveta Ana”, office buildings: Megapark , Capital Fort, European Trade Center, “Benchmark”, Cinema Arena 2, multifunctional buildings of Business Park “Sofia”, 11 gas stations and 7 gas stations.

Student District
Students District is located on a territory of 877 ha, with a population of over 97,000 inhabitants, of which 31,000 have a permanent address. In the area are located: 7 higher education institutions (NSA, UNSS, HTMU, Moscow State University, LTU, TU and VSU “College of Telecommunications and Posts”), as well as 63 university dormitories, 4 schools, 6 childcare facilities, a home for the elderly , hospitals such as SBAL for Oncology, SBAL for Hematological diseases, DKC V – Sofia EOOD, pharmaceutical enterprises: Unipharm and Sopharma; 2 hotels: Hotel “Vega Sofia” and Park – Hotel “Vitosha”, sports halls: Winter Palace of Sports and Hall “Hristo Botev”; warehouses of the BRC and the State Reserve, the stores: MPI “Southmall”, “Tashev – Galving”; the chains: “Fantastico”; Kaufland.

On the territory of the region there are 38 high-rise residential buildings, 7 gas stations, restaurants, night clubs and clubs. 13 foreign residences are located on the territory of the region.

“Pancharevo” district
“Pancharevo” district covers an area of 36,474 ha, with a population of over 22,000 inhabitants. There are 9 schools and 8 childcare facilities in the serviced territory; production enterprises: “Hydrostroy”, “Hydrostroitesltsov”, “Stroinjekt”, “Road Constructions AD”, “Proinvex”, “Ritex”, “Chipita – Bulgaria” AD, MSK – Kazichene, “Beit – Bulgaria”, MCFU – Bistrica, ZSKV “Shipka”; PTO – Kazichene prison; two divisions; The specialized rehabilitation hospital – Pancharevo; BCHK storage base; universal warehouses – Kazichene; car center “Sofia – France Auto”, 5 gas stations; 10 larger entertainment establishments, etc.

Izgrev District
“Izgrev” district is located on an area of 420 ha, with a population of 33,097 inhabitants. 6 schools and 8 children’s institutions function on its territory; 15th DCC, Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Neurology and Psychiatry “St. In mind”; 9 tall public buildings: Park – hotel “Moscow”, hotel of NSC “Diana”; Technoimport – export; TV tower; Interpred – STC AD, “Litex Tower” and buildings of “Sopharma Business Tower”; 51 high-rise residential buildings; production sites, such as “PIM” AD, “Daisy Technologies”, “Polygraphsnab”; Specialized Investigation Service and investigative detention; KAT – Traffic Police; supermarkets: “Fantastico”, “Bila”, “Liddle”, “Sopharma Business Tower” – Shopping center. There are 14 embassies, residential neighborhoods for artists, schools and kindergartens focused on business, languages, arts, a forest park and a park of city-wide significance, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, halls and playgrounds.

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