Vrajdebna, nestled in the Kremikovtsi District of the Capital Municipality in Sofia, stands as a testament to the city’s historical and industrial evolution. This neighborhood, located north of “Botevgradsko Shose” Blvd., is strategically positioned northeast of the railway station “Vasil Levski” and southeast of the Yapaja hamlet.

In its early history, Vrajdebna comprised two distinct villages – Stara Vrazhdebna and Nova Vrazhdebna. The year 1956 marked a transformative period as these villages were united, giving rise to the consolidated village of Vrazdebna. This unification laid the foundation for the subsequent integration with Sofia by the decree 447 of November 7, 1961.

Throughout its development, Vrajdebna has been predominantly characterized by residential areas adorned with houses, contributing to the neighborhood’s unique charm. Over the years, the neighborhood has witnessed a surge in industrial activities, attributed in part to its proximity to Sofia Airport. This close connection to the airport has led to the establishment of various factories and industrial sites, further shaping the economic landscape of Vrajdebna.

Education is a focal point in the neighborhood, hosting the 85th “Father Paisiy” secondary school and serving as a cultural hub with the presence of 75 community centers. These institutions play a crucial role in nurturing the intellectual and cultural vibrancy of the community.

As Vrajdebna continues to evolve, it remains a dynamic blend of historical legacy and modern progress. The harmonious coexistence of residential and industrial elements defines the character of this neighborhood, making it an integral part of Sofia’s diverse and multifaceted urban fabric.

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