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Stefan Karadzha


“Stefan Karadzha”, a historic enclave within Sofia, now seamlessly integrated into the residential expanse of “Hadji Dimitar,” pays homage to the Bulgarian revolutionary Stefan Karadzha. The district, primarily adorned with panel blocks of the Bs-2-63 (united) and Bs-69-Sf series, echoes the past while embracing modernity.

Delving into its historical roots, the locale harbors the remnants of one of the largest Roman villas in the Sofia region. Unearthed treasures include a substantial residential edifice, a mausoleum, and ancillary structures like grain warehouses and housing for laborers. Notably, a pot containing 250 silver coins, a testament to ancient prosperity, was discovered adjacent to one of the buildings. The villa’s narrative unfolds with a poignant twist, its demise attributed to the Gothic invasion around 270 AD. However, the area surrounding the mausoleum persisted as a venerable cemetery for centuries, adorned with a preserved votive cross.

Educational pursuits in the district find a focal point in 95 SU, contributing to the intellectual landscape and fostering knowledge dissemination. Transportation arteries crisscross the area, ensuring connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors alike. Buses such as No. 85, 285, 90, 100, 86, and 78, along with trolleybuses No. 1, 2, and 4, weave through the district’s tapestry. Route taxis, including No. 28, 34, 33, 39, and 49, further augment the robust transportation network, enhancing the mobility of those traversing the storied streets of Stefan Karadzha, a district where history converges with contemporary life.

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