Poduyane, also known as Poduene, stands as one of the earliest districts of Sofia, officially incorporated on January 1, 1891, under the approval of the Princely Decree of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria dated March 16, 1891. This historic district has woven its identity into the fabric of Sofia’s development and urban landscape over the years.

Positioned north of the Reduta district, south of the Sukhata Reka district, northwest of the Hristo Botev district, and west of the Vasil Levski district, Poduyane is strategically located within the city. Nearby landmarks include the “Oborishte” park (formerly Zaimov) and boulevards such as “Madrid,” “Botevgradsko shose,” and “Sitnyakovo.”

Notably, Poduyane has left its cultural imprint with the creation of the rock group Poduene Blues Band, reflecting the neighborhood’s vibrant artistic spirit.

Transportation within and around Poduyane is facilitated by tram lines 20 and 22, as well as buses 9, 11, 72, 75, 213, 305, 404, and 413. These routes ensure efficient connectivity, allowing residents and visitors to traverse the district and access other parts of Sofia seamlessly.

As one of Sofia’s historical districts, Poduyane encapsulates the city’s journey through time, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary life. With its central location and cultural contributions, Poduyane remains an integral part of Sofia’s urban narrative, showcasing the city’s commitment to preserving its historical roots while embracing progress.

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