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Kriva Reka


Kriva Reka is a neighborhood in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, situated in the Krasno Selo area. It is bordered by the boulevards “Gen. EI Totleben,” “Pencho Slaveikov,” “Vitosha,” “Bulgaria,” and “Acad. Ivan Evst. Geshov.” The name of the neighborhood is derived from the nearby Kriva River, better known as the Boyanska River in its lower reaches. While the official name might not be widely known, the area is often referred to by the residents as the Medical Academy and Military Hospital due to the prominent presence of these institutions.

Transportation options in the neighborhood include various public transport services:

– Bus lines: 72, 260, 604
– Electric bus lines: 74
– Trolleybus lines: 2, 8, 9
– Tram lines: 4, 5

Additionally, the neighborhood is served by the third line of the Sofia Metro, with the Medical University metro station providing convenient access.

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