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Gotse Delchev (quarter)


“Gotse Delchev,” a southern residential complex in Sofia, derives its name from the Bulgarian national hero Gotse Delchev. This complex serves as a unification of the former neighborhoods, namely “Emil Markov,” named after the communist activist Emil Markov, and “Motopista.” Bounded by significant city thoroughfares like “Bulgaria” and “Gotse Delchev” boulevards, the neighborhood boasts proximity to key landmarks, including the “Triaditsa” sports hall and the adjacent South Park. Additionally, it shares borders with the residential complex “Strelbishte” and the district of “Borovo.”

The historical roots of the quarter can be traced back to the 1920s when Bulgarian refugees from Bitola and its surrounding region founded the area. Initially named “Brick Factory” or “Tuhla mahala” (Tula maala), the district earned this designation due to the clay excavation for brick production in the South Park. Notably, the open pit for clay extraction under Lozenets Hospital remains visible to this day. During its early years, “Brick Factory” emerged as one of the primary Romani districts in Sofia. However, with the advent of socialist panel construction, the brick factory was eventually abandoned. The initial panel blocks in the neighborhood were constructed in the late 1960s, followed by a surge in the development of large-panel concrete (EPK) buildings during the 1970s.

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