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Chernia Kos Villa Zone


Chernia Kos Villa Zone stands as a distinctive neighborhood within the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, nestled in the Vitosha district approximately 10.7 kilometers southwest of the city center. Positioned to the northwest of the Sofia-Pernik highway, this residential area shares its borders with the “Lyulin” villa zone in the northwest direction. In other compass points, Chernia Kos Villa Zone is enveloped by segments of the Lyulin mountain that lie beyond the demarcated neighborhoods.

This neighborhood boasts a unique character, benefiting from its proximity to the natural surroundings of the Lyulin mountain. Residents can enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility offered by the mountainous landscape that extends beyond the defined residential areas. The presence of the Sofia-Pernik highway provides convenient accessibility, linking Chernia Kos Villa Zone to broader transportation networks, facilitating connections to the city center and other parts of the region.

Chernia Kos Villa Zone’s strategic location in the Vitosha district not only ensures a harmonious coexistence with nature but also places it within reach of urban amenities and facilities. The neighborhood’s distinct geographical features contribute to its appeal, offering residents a balanced blend of suburban living and connectivity to the vibrant city life in Sofia.

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