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Higher School of Civil Engineering – Sofia

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Overview of the University

The Higher School of Civil Engineering (VSU) “L. Karavelov” in Sofia stands as a prestigious state specialized higher education institution, offering various educational and qualification degrees.

Comprehensive Description

Originating as a specialized military engineering school designed to serve the construction troops, VSU “L. Karavelov” has evolved significantly over the years. It has transitioned through numerous stages, from its initial formation as a school to becoming a secondary school, a college, and ultimately, a distinguished higher education institution. The school was officially established under the Supreme Decree No. 22 on October 18, 1938, by His Majesty Tsar Boris III. Initially set up in the Lagera district, it quickly developed its training facilities and selected its command and teaching staff. By 1942, it had moved to a dedicated building in the Gorna Banya district.

VSU “L. Karavelov” is renowned not only for attracting students from Bulgaria but also for its international student body, welcoming individuals from across the globe. It has served as a training ground for cadets and officers from countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Yemen, Mongolia, Syria, and others, under various intergovernmental agreements.

The transition into the 21st century marked a significant milestone for the school with its demilitarization in 2000, leading to its renaming as the Higher School of Civil Engineering (VSU) “L. Karavelov” and the acquisition of its status as a State University.

Today, VSU offers a wide array of academic programs across undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, specifically in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy. These programs include:

1. Civil Engineering Degree Program
2. Architecture Degree Program
3. Bachelor’s Degree Program with a professional qualification of Engineer-Architect
4. Buildings Renovation and Design Degree Program
5. Ph.D. Studies

VSU also provides unique opportunities for incoming exchange students, offering personalized instruction and the ability to complete course or final projects in English, German, or French, catering to a diverse and international student population.

Year founded: 1938
Academic staff: 54

Address: Sofia, p.k. 1373, „Suchodolska“-Straße Nr. 175
Contacts: tel.: (02) 802 91 00, (02) 802 91 91
Е-mail: vsu@vsu.bg
Website: Higher School of Civil Engineering – Sofia

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