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Suhodol Monastery “Holy Trinity”


The Suhodol Monastery, named the “Holy Trinity,” occupies a serene space along the ring road in the southwestern part of Sofia. Its history is steeped in layers of time, stretching back to ancient eras where a pagan sanctuary once stood. Subsequently, a Christian sanctuary was erected, shaping the site’s spiritual significance.

Legend weaves tales of a Bulgarian settlement in the vicinity, met with tragedy during the invasion of the Turks. The community was reportedly destroyed, its inhabitants suffering a devastating fate. Despite this turmoil, folklore enshrined the location as sacred, preserving its sanctity in the hearts of people across generations.

The present-day monastery, taking shape in the mid-1990s, stands as a testament to this enduring legacy. However, it currently operates without resident monks, echoing the hallowed past and serving as a poignant symbol of spiritual continuity in the region.

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