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Church “Resurrection of Christ”


The “Resurrection of Christ” church in the “Krasna Polyana” district stands as a testament to faith and architectural grace, with its origins tracing back to the late 1930s. Consecrated by Metropolitan Stefan of Sofia, who later became Exarch of Bulgaria in 1945, this church holds deep spiritual significance for the local community.

The architectural blueprint of the “Resurrection of Christ” church was designed as a single-nave basilica, providing a sacred space for worship and reflection. Inside, the church is adorned with the exquisite artistry of Nikolay Shelekhov, a renowned icon painter whose creative brushstrokes brought life and spirituality to the interiors in 1963. His artistic contribution is believed to have enhanced the spiritual ambiance and visual splendor of the church, creating an immersive experience for worshippers and visitors alike.

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