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Sculptural composition “Jan Bibian with the devil Fut”


The sculptural masterpiece “Jan Bibian with the little devil Fut” graces the serene environs of the “Bukata” garden along “Prague” Boulevard, an enchanting addition to Sofia’s artistic landscape. Crafted by the talented sculptor Nikolay Zikov, this captivating composition found its home on June 1, 2006, commemorating Children’s Day.

A striking feature of this artwork is its intriguing origin story, as it stands atop a pedestal repurposed from a previously removed communist-era bust, lending a new narrative and dimension to the space. The sculpture itself, with its evocative portrayal of Jan Bibian alongside the mischievous little devil Fut, invites onlookers into a world of whimsy and imagination.

Through the artist’s deft craftsmanship, the sculpture captures the essence of childhood wonder, infusing the garden with an aura of playful charm. Its unveiling on Children’s Day serves as a joyful tribute to the spirit of innocence and creativity, inviting both young and old to revel in its enchanting tale.

As visitors stroll through the “Bukata” garden, they are met with this artistic gem, a testament to Sofia’s cultural richness and a delightful celebration of childhood’s magic and storytelling.

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