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Sofia District Court


The new Sofia District Court and Prosecutor’s Office, situated at 23 Skobelev Boulevard, commenced its operations on October 2, 2017. This state-of-the-art edifice was meticulously designed to adhere to contemporary standards, offering an enhanced and efficient service to citizens. Its inauguration resolved the challenges faced by the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office, which had been dispersed across five different court properties.

Equipped with 35 cutting-edge courtrooms, each tailored to facilitate the interrogation of protected witnesses, the building caters to the specific needs of prosecutors, judges, officials, defendants, lawyers, and citizens. Additionally, it boasts nearly 180 offices and an underground parking lot with a capacity exceeding 200 spaces. The facility has been thoughtfully designed to ensure ease of access and differentiated areas for various stakeholders involved in the judicial process. This modern infrastructure significantly streamlines the functioning of the court and prosecutor’s office, optimizing their operational efficiency and service delivery to the public.

Sofia, 23 General Skobelev Blvd

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