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University Theater – NBU

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The University Theater Base, established in February 2010, stands as one of Sofia’s newest theater venues, hosting the traveling practice of the Theater of the Naked Snail. This multi-functional space offers versatility, accommodating theatrical performances, film screenings, concerts, lectures, debates, and more, with a seating capacity of 120 arranged in an amphitheater style.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the hall boasts a flexible lighting, audio, and multimedia system, allowing for dynamic configurations to suit different audience placements and performance settings. With a Dolby surround audio system, the theater ensures high-quality sound for movie screenings. Additionally, the hall is outfitted with internet connectivity and advanced air conditioning for optimal comfort.

The University Theater endeavors to broaden the spectrum of theater-making and engage diverse audiences, especially the young and those seeking innovative, high-quality theatrical experiences.

Sofia, 21 Montevideo St

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