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Alma Alter Theater

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The Theater Laboratory Alma Alter, originally opened in 1968 as the theater of Sofia University, faced closure due to ideological reasons. After several years of inactivity where the space was repurposed as a warehouse, the theater was revived and restored by its founder, director Nikolay Georgiev. Georgiev steered the theater toward experimental and avant-garde forms of expression.

Theater Laboratory Alma Alter has a distinctive approach, emphasizing the fundamental theatrical elements within a contemporary context. This approach renders the theater syncretic, authorial, and highly unconventional. Their performances are marked by interactivity, with the audience playing a significant role. Each show is unique, crafted on the principle of creating an experience “here and now” with the present audience, making every performance distinct from the last.

Sofia, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd

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