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Theater “Bulgarian Army”

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The “Bulgarian Army” theater, centrally positioned in Sofia, has a storied history rooted in the building’s origins. Constructed in 1936, the edifice initially operated as the renowned “Royal” cinema, a popular entertainment venue during the 1930s.

The turmoil of the Second World War bore heavily upon the building; it faced near-total destruction amid bombings. However, in a remarkable transformation, the structure was reconstructed in 1950, evolving into a theater space. The renovated establishment now boasted a main hall capable of accommodating 500 spectators, alongside a more intimate chamber hall designed to seat 60 individuals. This adaptive repurposing of the site revitalized it as a cultural hub, shifting its identity from a cinematic space to a vibrant theater venue.

Work time:
Monday-Sunday: 11:00-19:00


Sofia, 98 Georgi S. Rakovski St

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