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Replica Theater

Art & Culture

The “Replica” Theater embodies a social approach, delving into issues that resonate universally. Its foundation lies in documentary-style narratives, often centered around personal stories that serve as a lens to explore human experiences. Rather than offering judgments, the theater aims to provide immersive experiences, allowing audiences to draw their own conclusions about themselves and society. Through empathy, viewers engage in self-reflection, examining personal and societal challenges.

This theater’s mission transcends traditional norms, seeking to challenge and provoke dialogue against the prevailing status quo. Founded by young actors, “Replica” seeks an audience beyond demographic boundaries—a diverse audience ready for conversation. Their approach is rooted in a belief that theater becomes meaningful when it has something profound to communicate. The members of Theater “Replica” include Milko Yovchev, Boryana Peneva, Blagoi Boychev, Irina Andreeva, Ivaylo Dragiev, Milena Ermenkova, and Hovhannes Torosyan.


Sofia, 149 G.S. Rakovski St

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