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Visa Facilitation Agreements

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Visa Facilitation Agreements (VFA) between EU member states and the states listed below

Russian Federation 25.05.2006 01.06.2007
Ukraine 18.06.2007 01.01.2008
Moldova 10.10.2007 01.01.2008
Macedonia 18.09.2007 01.01.2008
Serbia 18.09.2007 01.01.2008
Montenegro 18.09.2007 01.01.2008
Bosnia and Herzegovina 18.09.2007 01.01.2008
Albania 18.09.2007 01.01.2008
Georgia 17.06.2010 01.03.2011

The citizens of Albania (in force since 15.12.2010), Bosnia and Herzegovina (in force since 15.12.2010), Macedonia (in force since 19.12.2009), Serbia (in for cesince 19.12.2009) and Montenegro (in force since 19.12.2009), holders of biometric passports, are exempt from the requirement of holding a short-stay visa (up to 90 days) in the Republic of Bulgaria (in force since 19.12.2009). Holders of non-biometric passports are obliged to have visas pursuant to VFA.

Full texts of the Visa Facilitation Agreements

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