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Essentials you will need for your trip to Bulgaria

Travel to Bulgaria

As you prepare for your journey to Bulgaria, it’s essential to take into account a few key considerations to ensure you pack appropriately:


If Bulgaria is merely one stop on your European or Balkan adventure, you won’t need to pack any specific items unique to the country. However, it’s important to note that Bulgaria utilizes type C, E, and F electrical sockets/plugs. Therefore, if you’re traveling from outside Europe, you’ll likely require an adapter and/or converter for your electronic devices. The standard voltage in Bulgaria is 230 V. Devices designed for 220 – 240 V (common in the UK, Europe, Australia, and much of Asia and Africa) will work without issues. However, if your electronics are made for a standard voltage of 100 V – 127 V, which is typical in the US, Canada, and most South American countries, you’ll need a voltage converter. For convenience and compatibility across multiple countries, investing in a universal adapter is highly recommended.

SIM card

Traveling within Europe offers the significant advantage of no roaming charges across all EU-member states. This means you can purchase a SIM card in any European country and use it seamlessly in others without incurring additional costs. If you’re from an EU-member state, there’s no need for any special arrangements—your local mobile plan will allow you to use your phone across the EU just as you would at home, facilitating communication and internet use while on the move.

Wifi in Bulgaria

Bulgaria boasts some of the fastest Wi-Fi speeds in Europe, ensuring that staying connected is easier than ever. A wide array of venues, including hotels, restaurants, and cafés, provide free Wi-Fi access, making it convenient for travelers to access the internet without incurring additional costs. Moreover, in larger cities, numerous hotspots are available, further enhancing the ease with which visitors can stay connected, share their travel experiences, or manage work remotely. This widespread availability of high-speed internet is a testament to Bulgaria’s commitment to digital accessibility, offering an added perk for tourists and business travelers alike.

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