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Uhlovitsa Cave is located at 1040 meters above sea level, 3 km away. northeast of the village of Mogilitsa, in the border zone in the western part of the Rhodope forest massif. It is one of the oldest caves in the region, with many beautiful dendrites formations resembling sea corals. The cave ends with 7 incredibly beautiful lakes that fill with water in early spring.

It is famous for many rock waterfalls and interesting cave formations. It is impressive with the cascades of its cave lakes. The temperature in it is 10-11 degrees throughout the year. The cave is partially landscaped.

Upstairs is the Hall of Abyss. The throats of four deep chasms descend from this hall to the lower floor. By a steep metal ladder, tourists can descend into the gallery on the lower floor, which is the most beautiful part of the cave.

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