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Stobski Pyramids

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The Stob earthen pyramids are located in the land of the village of Stob, in the western foothills of the southwestern (Kapatishki) part of the Rila on both sides of the watershed ridge, separating the landmasses of Gruchkovets (from the north) and Bukovets (from the south).
The Stob pyramids are a unique natural landmark, declared in 1964, together with an area of 7.4 ha, as a protected natural site. They are sculpted in a thickness of 30-40 m of Old Quaternary Villafran fluvioglacial deposits.

Their average height is 6 – 10 m, reaching up to 12 m. Some of the pyramids are sharp and needle-shaped, but the majority are pyramidal or conical and end with a “stone” cap reaching dimensions of 120 by 80 cm, which gives them the shape of slender mushrooms. Their bases are wide and often fused together. On the northern slope of the hill, the pyramids are well defined, but they are relatively few in number and are separated into one group.

The pyramids on the southern slope are the most numerous. They are huge, majestic with inimitable colors from light yellow to dark brown and red. Their picturesque compositions bear different names given to them by the people – the Towers, the Hammers, the Samodiv chimneys, the Teeth, the Brothers, etc. The most famous group called the Matchmakers is associated with an ancient legend. There is a seal: It is located in the Tourist Information Center

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