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Samokov Museum of History

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The historical museum in Samokov was established in 1930 as a gathering for the community center-monument “Father Paisiy”. The actual building of the museum was built in 1940 according to the project of the famous architect Yurdan Yurdanov. Time has left many traces in Samokov from the people who made it lived in: exquisite frescoes on stone, canvas and paper, pieces of iron that decades of rust have not been able to bite into. And memories, carefully preserved memories.

The museum has more than 30,000 exhibits, divided into collections: ethnographic – ornaments, ceramics, carvings, costumes and fabrics, wrought iron, which shows the life and livelihood of the old Samosmiths, archaeological – mainly Thracian and late antique finds, artistic – icons , prints, manuscripts, documents and paintings, photographic and documentary. It is clear from them that the origin of the city is connected with the mining of iron and the objects produced from it. The Samokov masters took a cue from the Western European Saxon miners, called “Sassians”, and based on their example, they introduced the furnaces /vidni/, blacksmiths’ workshops /madani/ and the large hammers driven by water power, called “samokovi”, from which the name of A surprising find for visitors is the collection of cameos.

Of great interest are the artistic works of the famous Samokov school of painting, in which the first place undoubtedly belongs to Zahari Zograf. His personal belongings, icons and paintings have been preserved. The portrait of a Greek girl deserves special attention – testimony to the unrequited love of the famous master, which became the reason for his disappointment to leave Plovdiv.

Work time:
Working hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 8.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.30.
Days off: Sunday and Monday

Entrance fees:
Adults – 6.00 BGN.
Students and pensioners – 4.00 BGN.
People with disabilities and children under 6 years – free
Talks – 10.00 BGN.

Address: 2000 Samokov, 4 “Professor Vasil Zahariev” St
Tel: 0722/66712, 0889849102 – editors
Tel: 0722/66599, 0888873108 – director

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