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Municipal Historical Museum, Gotse Delchev

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The Municipal History Museum was opened to visitors in 1979. The museum is the only center for research, preservation and socialization of the unique cultural-historical and architectural heritage of the city and the municipality.
The museum was created with the help of donors – patriots. The presented expositions present movable authentic material evidence of human presence and activity, which have scientific and cultural value, have social significance and are related to the mythical and romantic Gotsedelchev region.

The house in which the exposition is arranged was built in 1877 by Bulgarian masters in the “baroque” style. The wood carvings on the ceilings and doors on the first floor in the representative 4 rooms were made by local masters – carvers, followers of the Debar school. The house belonged to the rich tobacco merchant Prokopis Prokopios from the town of Nevrokop (now Gotse Delchev).

Every year, the museum presents exhibitions with archaeological findings related to the culture of the Thracians, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians, discovered in the valley of the ancient river Nestos (now Mesta).

1,500 museum items are stored in the “Archaeology” department. Exhibitions and educational programs for students and adults are presented in the halls of the museum, related to important anniversaries and celebrations for historical figures and events from local and national history. During the Renaissance, the town of Nevrokop established itself as an important center of craft production and trade. At that time, the famous Nevrokop fair was held in the city, and over 500 craft workshops functioned on its territory.

Combining in itself the natural beauty of the four mountains – South Pirin, Slavyanka, Sturgech and the Western Rhodopes, as well as the uniqueness of the Bulgarian material and spiritual culture – the Gotsedelchev region appears as one of the richest ethnographic and folklore regions in Bulgaria, with a strongly expressed local specificity.

The artistic fabrics, the costumes from the 9 ethnographic microdistricts, the works of the craftsmen – bell makers, coppersmiths, potters, kuyumjis, mutafchii, etc., stored and exhibited in the “Ethnography” department number over 2,500 items. Every year the museum presents ethnographic exhibitions and restore characteristic calendar customs, preserved to this day by the residents of the region. For the guests from the country and abroad, revues of traditional costumes and traditional calendar holidays – Christmas, Easter and St. George’s Day are presented.

During the Renaissance, the town of Nevrokop was the most important and the only culturally enlightened center for Bulgarians in Eastern Macedonia. The development of the enlightenment, church and national liberation struggles are presented in a separate exhibition with photos and physical materials. They number over 1,000.

The proposed organized tour routes to historical places and cultural monuments such as Nikopolis ad Nestum (Garmen village), Koprivlen village – an ancient and medieval settlement, to the numerous old churches in the villages of Delchevo, Banichan, Mosomishte, Teshovo, etc. , the monasteries near Hadjidimovo, Delchevo, etc. are an extremely pleasant experience. The memory of what you saw will make you return to the museum and to the nearby architectural reserves such as the villages of Kovachevitsa, Leshten, Dolen, Delchevo, Ablanitsa, Dabnitsa, Satovcha, Dolno Dryanovo.

The exposition has the following sections:

– Archeology
– Ethnography – History of the Bulgarian lands from the 15th-20th centuries.

Work time:
Working hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: from 8.30 a.m. until 12.00 and from 1:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.
Day off: MondayThursday – day for free visits

Entrance fees:
Entrance for children, students and persons over 65 years of age – BGN 1.00.
Entrance for persons over 18 to 65 years of age – BGN 2.00.

Lecture in Bulgarian language – BGN 5.00.

Address: Gotse Delchev, 26 Hristo Botev St
Phone: 0885473355; 0751/6-02-87

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