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Regional historical museum, Stara Zagora

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Stara Zagora is a modern city with a rich cultural and historical heritage, one of the most ancient cities not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. Over the centuries, the city has changed 8 names, reflecting its historical development.

Already at the end of the 7th – beginning of the 6th millennium BC. the first inhabitants settled here, who, thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, remained permanently on these lands. The deposits of copper ore and their abundance in the Sredna Gora region is the factor that further supports the economic prosperity of the region. It is assumed that the Thracians founded their settlement here, with the name Beroe. In the first decades of the II century, the Roman city of Augusta Traiana was founded, whose main streets, forum complex at the Western Gate with an exquisite colonnade and beautiful mosaics can still be seen today. In the 5th and 6th centuries, the early medieval Beroe fortress was destroyed several times by Huns, Avars and Slavs. Probably for the first time, Beroe and the Zagora district were briefly annexed to Bulgaria under Tervel. In 784, the empress of Byzantium Irina provided funds for the restoration of the fortress, and as a sign of gratitude, the city bore the name Irinopolis in her honor for about 30 years. Later, under the Bulgarian ruler Krum, the final accession of Beroe to the First Bulgarian Kingdom took place. In the Middle Ages, the city was called Vereya and Boruy, and during the Ottoman period – Eski Zagra (Eski Zaara). During the Renaissance, the Bulgarians called it Zheleznik, and immediately before the Liberation, the modern version of the name Stara Zagora was adopted.

A significant part of its past can be traced through the exhibits that the museum stores – unsurpassed masterpieces of the largest prehistoric collection in Europe, high-value collections of antique glass and bronze, multi-colored mosaics, unique from medieval art, a rich numismatic and ethnographic collection, valuable relics and documents from different eras.

On the territory of the city of Stara Zagora there are several museum objects – Museum “Neolithic Dwellings”, Architectural complex “Museum of Religions”, Ancient Forum Complex of Augusta Trajana, House-museum “Urban Lifestyle XIX century”, “Hilendarski Metoch”, “Late Antique mosaic from a private Roman house IV c.” and others.

Work time:
Exhibition: 10:00 – 18:00 (holiday – Monday)
Administration: 9:00 – 17:30 (holidays – Saturday and Sunday)

Entrance fees:
Entrance to the Regional History Museum – Stara Zagora and the Museum “Neolithic Dwellings”: Adults – BGN 7.00 Pensioners – BGN 4.00 Pupils and students – BGN 2.00 Group visits of 10 or more persons – BGN 6.00 Visitors in a disadvantaged position – free Entrance fee for visitors with children: – for adults – BGN 4.00 – for children over 7 years – BGN 2.00 – for children under 7 years – free

Address: 6000 Stara Zagora, Ruski Blvd. No. 42
Tour guides: phone: +359 42/ 919 214

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