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Regional historical museum, Shumen

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When you find yourself in Shumen, you should not miss the historical museum of the city, one of the oldest in Bulgaria. Because it stores over 150,000 unique movable monuments, of which 15,000 are exhibited in its exposition, arranged thematically in eight halls: Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Bulgarian Lands XV-XIX centuries, with an emphasis on the Bulgarian Renaissance. There are extremely curious things in the hall where icons and ecclesiastical utensils are presented, as well as in the so-called “Treasury”, which fully deserves this name because of the rich collections of numismatic materials and metalwork that it offers to the attention of tens of thousands of visitors. In this important scientific and cultural-educational institute, which unites in its structure the museums of the Shumen and Targovishte regions, temporary exhibitions are often exhibited.

During the years of Ottoman rule, Shumen established itself as a large economic center. But it is also unique with its achievements in the field of culture at that time, a kind of phenomenon, because the first class girls’ school in Bulgaria was established there in 1856, the first Bulgarian orchestra of classical instruments, one of the three community centers in the country and the first community center theatrical performance – again in 1856, one of the first museum collections, as well as the first civil celebration of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, accompanied by a theatrical performance in 1813.

Our idea of Shumen would be incomplete if we did not visit the four memorial house-museums: the one where the leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849 Lajos Kossuth lived during his exile, the modest house where the revolutionary grew up Panayot Volov, the house of one of the most notable Bulgarian revivalists, the encyclopedist Dobri Voinikov, and that of the famous composer Pancho Vladigerov.

Work time:
Winter working hours (November – March): 9.00 – 17.00.
Summer working hours (April – October): 9.00 – 19.00.
No day off

Entrance fees:
Regular/Reduced ticket: BGN 5, BGN 2.
Talk in Bulgarian – BGN 10.
Talk in a foreign language – BGN 15.
Package ticket – BGN 15 – all sites of RIM – Shumen, valid for 3 days.
Family ticket: – 1 adult and 2 children – BGN 6; – 2 adults and a child – BGN 7.

Address Shumen – 9700 Bul. “Slavyanski” No. 17

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