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Regional historical museum, Kardzhali

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The building of the historical museum in Kardzhali, whose exposition was opened for visits in May 1987, is today a cultural monument. Built in the period 1922-1930 with the funds of the local municipality, it was intended for a religious school, but it never fulfilled this function.

Trying to describe the riches of the museum is a practically impossible task, because the exhibits in its fund already exceed 30,000. We will mention only some of them: stone and bone implements, a swastika made of jade, vessels and cult objects made of ceramics, iron and bronze, a double-edged hatchet /labris/ aged 35 centuries, a rich numismatic collection, exquisite ornaments, finds from the Thracian and Roman times such as stelae.

Also a golden funeral wreath, an exquisite candelabra from the 1st century BC, agricultural implements, objects from the Christian cult, lead seals, a stone pulpit from Perperikon… Not to mention the exhibits in the “Natural History” and “Ethnography” departments.

Work time:
Summer opening hours:
holiday – Monday
Tuesday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 hours
Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00 hours

Winter opening hours:
holidays – Monday and Sunday
from Tuesday to Saturday: 09: 00 – 17:00 hours

Ticket office opening hours:
09:00 – 16:30 hours

Entrance fees:
Adults – BGN 3.
Schoolchildren, students and pensioners – BGN 3.00.
Visitors over 18 – BGN 7.00.
Family ticket for parents and children – BGN 15.00.

overview – BGN 15.00
thematic – BGN 10.00
in a foreign language – BGN 20.00

Discount for groups over 20 people – 50%
Every last Tuesday of the month – free entry
Children up to 7 years and people with disabilities – free of charge

Entrance to the RIM – Kardzhali is free on:
May 18 – International Museum Day

Price for holding external events in the building and courtyard of the RIM – Kardzhali:
outside wedding ritual – BGN 220
cocktails – BGN 300
other events lasting up to 1 hour – BGN 180
events with water mirrors included – additional payment BGN 50 per hour

Historical Museum
Address: city of Kardzhali, “Republicanska” St. No. 4
Tel: +359 361 63584

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