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Radetsky Steamboat National Museum

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The National Museum “Steamer Radetsky” collects, processes and popularizes historical information and documents related to the formation of the Boat detachment, its landing on the Kozloduy beach, the heroic feat, the gratitude of the Bulgarian people to the immortal work and the restoration of the legendary steamer “Radetsky”.

As is known, on May 16, 1876, Hristo Botev and part of his Chetniks boarded the steamer in Gyurgevo. From several more ports, in order not to attract the attention of the Romanian authorities, the rest of the rebels joined them. On May 17 /29th according to new style/ they captured the ship. On board it Botev wrote the famous touching letter to his wife Veneta and another, in French, to Captain Englander, in which he explained his action and set forth his demands. The captain not only agrees to dock at the village of Kozloduy, but also wishes success in the noble mission of the Bulgarian Chetniks.

It was he who described in his memories the solemn and touching sight of the kneeling insurgents kissing their native land. In 1906, the idea was born to buy “Radetsky” from Vienna and bring it to Bulgaria, but when the National Assembly gathered to vote on this decision, at the suggestion of Dimitar Petkov, the Prime Minister was killed on Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. and the idea was forgotten. The steamer was used until 1918, after which it was scrapped and destroyed in 1924. In 1964, journalist Liliana Lozanova from the newspaper “Septemvriyche” opened a current account with the sum of BGN 2.50 and launched a campaign for its restoration in honor of the 90th anniversary of the death of Hristo Botev.

And something happens that today sounds like a fantasy: a national staff of shipbuilders, engineers and architects is created, and 1,200,000 children from all over Bulgaria hand over BGN 523,000, collected from herbs and participation in labor brigades. The “Obuda” Shipyard in Budapest restored the “Radetsky” in its authentic form, and on May 30, 1966, with unprecedented enthusiasm, it was welcomed on the Kozloduy coast.

Later, human negligence almost destroyed it, because after a heavy snowfall, it sank in the port of Ruse. With a lot of work and resources, it was taken out and furnished again. In 1988, a decision was made to replace the steam engine, for which there were no spare parts, with diesel engines, and the ship was again under repair until October 1993. Today he is in the place specially built for him near Kozloduy. “The activity of the museum from its creation to the present day can be described with only one word – struggle.”

Ship “Radetsky” carries out one-hour trips in the area of the Kozloduy port with groups with a maximum number of passengers up to 100 people. The trips are carried out according to the schedule published on the page of NIM – Sofia. Requests can be made on the indicated phones.
Another convenience that visitors to the Radetsky Steamship National Museum could take advantage of is the possibility of renting a hall for holding business meetings and conferences. The rental price for up to 50 people – BGN 150.00, over – 50 people – double rate. For a request, fill out a form that is uploaded to the page of NIM – Sofia.

Work time:
Monday – Sunday
Winter (01.11 – 31.03) – 09:00 – 17:30 (check-in until 17:00)
Summer (01.04 – 31.10) – 10:00 – 18:00 (check-in until 17 :30 p.m.)

Entrance fees:
Individual visits:
• citizens – 7.00 BGN
• students, students, pensioners – 3.00 BGN

Guided talks:
• talk – 5.00 BGN

Admission is free:
• for people with special needs and their companions
• every last Monday of the month after 3:00 p.m.
• May 18 – The International Day of Museums

Preferential prices:
• November 1 – The Day of the People’s Alarm Clocks – free entry for children, schoolchildren and students, for all others BGN 1 Prices for photography: negotiable Prices for use of areas when holding events: (business meetings, conferences, celebrations, cocktails, etc.) – by agreement. To request an event, complete the attached request.

Phone: +359-(0)2-955 42 80 – NIM Sofia
0879 456 183, 0879 456 966 – National Museum “Steamer Radetsky”

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