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Monument To Hristo Botev And His Squad

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There are many monuments dedicated to the feat of Hristo Botev and his Chetniks, but one of the most expressive and with the most exciting history is in Kozloduy, which is natural, because from here they headed to eternity, to remain forever in the people’s memory. The first celebration, which was then called “meal”, was organized by the residents of Kozloduy already in May 1878.

A sacrifice of 200 lambs was made, one for each Chetnik who died. The place is still called Obrok. At that time, a militia cross made of acacia wood, made by daskal Mladen Pavlov, was erected on the shore. In 1882, again on the initiative of the local residents, a vowed stone cross was placed there, and in 1932, a living monument was created on Krushov Bair /in the immediate vicinity of the landing place of the troops/ – the initials of Hristo Botev, outlined with acacia trees trees. Two years later, the residents of Kozloduy gave ten days of voluntary work and carted away the baluster needed to erect an impressive monument on the shore, the creator of which was the confluencer Stefan Peychev.

Its consecration was supposed to take place on September 1, 1939, but on that date Germany declared war on Poland and news broke the solemn opening. In 1947, the bust of Hristo Botev, presented in 1936 by the cadets from the royal military school, was placed on a pedestal in the center of Kozloduy. Every year on June 2, many people flock here to express their respect and honor to one of the brightest personalities in the history of Bulgaria.

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