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Pantheon Of Georgi Rakovski And Museum Of The Kotlen Revivalists

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But the Pantheon of Georgi Rakovski enjoys the greatest respect in this city, which is also a museum of the Bulgarian revivalists, which has preserved relics that are valuable for every Bulgarian.

The first hall of the museum, where the heart of Doctor Petar Beron is kept, is also dedicated to Sophronius Vrachanski, who was the first to transcribe Paisi’s “History of Slavic Bulgaria”, published “Nedelnik” – the first printed book in the modern Bulgarian language, wrote the first autobiographical work, as well as to the tireless advocate for ecclesiastical independence Neophyte Boswelli. The expositions in the other halls keep original works and documents of doctor Vasil Beron, a doctor and public figure, of the educator Atanas Granitski, of the librarian, translator and teacher Stefan Izvorski, recalling the case of Captain Georgi Mamarchev, head of the Velch conspiracy in Tarnovo, tracing the fates and the deeds of many more deserving Catalans.

A central place is given to Sabi Stoykov Popovich, who changed his name to Georgi Stoykov Rakovski – the first ideologist and organizer of the national liberation movement in Bulgaria in the 19th century, also called “the father of the revolution”.

Work time:
Every day: 8.30 – 12.00. and 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Entrance fees:
adults – BGN 6.00,
children and pensioners – BGN 3.00.
Conversation in Bulgarian – BGN 15.00.
Conversation in a foreign language – BGN 30.00.

Historical Museum, Vazrazhdane Square No. 3
Tel: +359 453 425 49

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